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#1 am 04.10.2016 um 09:29 Uhr Diesen Beitrag zitieren
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From the present report to see the old man was advised only after the door posted a home for

something to work   nike air huarache sale
for two days, is also prepared to open the door today, I think this

approach is very sensible, should seriously rethink how the next business, can not As people

can not kill people for the purpose, some areas also need more respect for some of the market

power of power. In order to rule and rule, this approach is not to encourage the market, is

not conducive to improving the credibility of the Government.

Author: Wang Zhuantao

Wang Chuan - tao China Network commentator

Recently friends circle was a scallion scraper, and a "Shanghai Uncle" open "A onion oil

cake" red up. Online to buy onion cake pie to buy 3 hours or even nothing, yesterday to buy

the last meal of green onion pancake customers actually wait 7 hours. However, this allows

the majority of "eating goods" rush to the shop, has been operating without a license for

decades. Recently, the market supervision staff urged A master close.

In the Internet age, the rate of information transmission has multiplied, which increases the

probability of many people and many things popular. Popular these days the old shop, are

nostalgic plot and the pursuit of delicious snacks simple expression. And after the emergence
  nike air huarache ultra cheap
of queuing to buy overnight phenomenon, can be described as "phenomenal".

Red is more than human. People red, and scandal inevitably upper body; shop red, and

inevitably provoke regulatory authorities. This does not, the Shanghai hottest onion pancake

shop in the popular after the regulatory authorities have been investigated and then ordered

to suspend business because of the seemingly correct "unlicensed business." According to the

actual situation of this store, you want to apply for a formal license can be described as

very difficult. It is likely that this popular store in the network will gradually fade out

of the public view....
After it was also studied iFor the store owner "A large", these days should go through the

same experience as a roller coaster. But also a real experience of the "blessing of the

disaster by the disaster, the blessing of the blessing of fortune." In the popular, the

regulation of the sudden blaze, not only to "A large" were taken by surprise, but also many

fans feel some weird. It should be said that this is a typical emergency-type regulation. If
   nike air max 2016 mens

there is no popular, market regulators believe there will be no time to Dali such a store.
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#2 am 24.12.2020 um 07:12 Uhr Diesen Beitrag zitieren
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