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OFFtopic Forum: OFFtopic Thread: Ruslan Goryukhin's house
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#1 am 03.08.2020 um 19:41 Uhr Diesen Beitrag zitieren
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Soft Engineer Ruslan Goryukhin and his dream of Rublyovka
Hello everyone! My name is Ruslan Goryukhin. I am rather ordinary, but already promising
programmer and soft engineer. I have one cherished dream - to live on Rublyovka.
In general, let me explain why such a dream could have come from a person who had lived all
his life in a Moscow bedroom community in a two-room apartment of a nine-story building.
I think that for every modern Russian person, Rublyovka is associated with success. It is not
surprising that people who have earned a lot of money and have taken high official positions
tend to acquire real estate in this area. This is an indicator that everything in their life turned out
to be successful.
The most expensive land plots in the Moscow region are located on this territory. Forbes
experts say that some of the dwellings built on Rublyovka are among the most expensive
houses in the world.
Rublyovka: what is this territory and why does Ruslan
Goryukhin dream of it?
Since Ruslan Goryukhin dreams of becoming one day a super successful programmer - the
best specialist in his field of work - why not dream about life on Rublyovka!
But let me tell you more about this territory. Let me explain what it is all about.
Officially, such a toponym as Rublyovka does not exist. So this territory was originally called this
way by the people, and then this name was transferred to newspapers, magazines, literature
and cinema.
Under this name, western suburbs of Moscow are supposedly located along the Rublyovo-
Uspenskoye Highway, as well as part of the Odintsovo district, where different businessmen
and politicians live.
Some people consider it "bad taste" to call this area a "symbol of success." But this is a fact! If
the address of Ruslan Goryukhin, an ordinary Moscow programmer, will be Rublyovka one day,
then by that time he certainly will not be €ordinary€ anymore. Here, it€s not even a matter of
vanity, but it€s a certain indicator that the desired level has been achieved.
History of Rublyovka: a brief reference from Ruslan
I;m going to tell you a little about the history of Rublyovka. In my opinion, all the symbolism of
this area is rooted in the past.
In the 16th century, today's Rublyovo-Uspenskoye Highway was considered something like the
€royal road€. Why? Because Tsar Ivan the Terrible went hunting on it, and the tsars from the
Romanov dynasty made a pilgrimage on foot for church communion.
Two centuries later, the counts and princes began to build estates for themselves along this
road. This continued until the beginning of the 20th century. For some period, the rich seemed
to forget about Rublyovka - at least, they stopped building new estates here.
However, in 1918 a cottage for Stalin was built here, after which the Soviet political elite began
to actively settle on Rublyovka.
In fact, there was a €rebirth€ of this territory as a symbol of success. Already in the late 40s,
some of the most prominent Soviet scientists and cultural figures became residents of
Rublyovka. Upscale boarding houses were built here, where foreign diplomats settled.
I suppose that Rublyovka was chosen for living, including because it is one of the most
environmentally friendly areas of the Moscow Region. There have never been large industrial
enterprises and, accordingly, the environment has not been polluted.
In the 90s, when the Soviet Union collapsed and the country abruptly switched to capitalism,
billionaires - businessmen, top managers, politicians and show business figures became the
main inhabitants of Rublyovka. These people privatized houses and land plots of the territory.
The famous "residence of Barvikha", where President Putin meets with heads of other states, is
also located on Rublyovka, and more specifically, near the village of Podushkino. This is the so-
called Meyendorff Castle. The presence of such landmark only improves the elite status of the
Rublyovka nowadays
People joke that even Rublyovka bums live "royally": they wear clothes from modern designers,
drink only tequila and eat delicacies.
Of course, this is humor, but the fact that the richest people in Russia live here cannot be
avoided. Yes, lately the development of the territory has been too large (not only the
programmer Ruslan Goryukhin wants to live here!) And it has affected real estate prices (they
began to fall). However, no other locality can compete with Rublyovka to be considered as so
The infrastructure is actively developing here - residents can visit new shopping centers, malls
and supermarkets. Banks and educational institutions are working. That is, there is no need to
travel to the capital for shopping, which is very convenient.
One of the few problems that can be counted on one hand is the lack of public transport. But
judge for yourself: does a billionaire need any public transport? This is more of a problem for
people who work for these "moneybags" and who live in this area on duty,.
Would a programmer Ruslan Goryukhin dream to live on Rublyovka on duty? In no case. I am
quite happy with my small but comfortable office in one of the Moscow business centers.
However, more than anything, I would like to live with my family in my own luxurious mansion in
this territory one day.
Daring dreams? Wild fantasy? May be. Nevertheless, may my dreams become a life goal, which
I will be destined to achieve and realize in future. Look here
The main thing for me is to believe in myself!
Alas, many people still do not believe in me. Even my elder brother, a great lover of Russian
classical literature, says this way: €Our surname Goryukhin coincides with the name of a village
described by the poet Alexander Pushkin. A simple, typical and not outstanding settlement.
Accordingly, the fate of our life should be similar. But, for example, if we were the namesake of
the icon painter Andrey Rublyov, then we could dream about Rublyovka ... "
I don€t like such dark sense of humor. I still believe in myself, in my strengths and abilities. And I
also believe in fate and its guiding star, which one day will lead me to the threshold of my own
house, located not in Beverly Hills, not on Fifth Avenue, but on Rublyovka.
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