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QUEST POINT CAPE. By completing all the quests available in the OSRS gold game players are rewarded using Quest Point Cape (also known as QPC). Since the bit of armor, the cape has +9 bonus to all defensive styles. The trimmed version additionally offers +4 Prayer bonus. This thing comes with an ability to teleport wearer straight to the Legends Guild gates which is quite convenient for those who wish to use Fairy Ring transportation system.

Additionally players who manage to acquire this cape whilst playing can purchase dreams at a lower cost in the Nightmare Zone and perform a special emote celebrating users great achievement. Even though it is among the most difficult capes to obtain in the Old School RuneScape, the trimmed version of it is even harder to acquire.

To trim a Quest Cape player need to finish each one of the Achievement Diaries which makes it extremely time consuming task. It is also worth mentioning that when new quest comes into the game Buy rs3 gold players that want to use the cape need to finish it (even if they acquired cape ahead ). This piece of gear will hide and can be retrieved out of NPC Wise Old Man at Draynor Village.
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