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 is I was going to go ahead and do the final question of our series with Scott Kacsmar of Football Outsiders yesterday , but I didn’t want it to get run over by the news and notes from the All-Important Third Preseason Game鈩? In light of that, and the fact that SLOTERMANIA IS RUNNIN’ WILD, BROTHER, that was probably for the best.But, we do have one more question that I posed to Scott in conjunction with the release of the 2018 Football Outsiders Almanac. We stick with the defensive side of the football, and I ask him a question that we’ve had numerous discussions about in this space before.Sticking with the defense, of all the great players the Vikings have on that side of the football, who is the one player from Mike Zimmer’s defense that they can least afford to lose for a significant period of time, in your opinion?I’ve long maintained that Harrison Smith is the most valuable player in the Minnesota defense, simply because of the versatility that he offers. Said versatility then allows Mike Zimmer and George Edwards to do a lot of different things with the other parts of the defense because they can count on Smith doing his job on pretty much every play.But Scott’s answer of Xavier Rhodes, and the justification behind it, makes a lot of sense. We know that Rhodes is one of the NFL’s top corners, and the Vikings’ #2 corner, Trey Waynes, could probably be a #1 corner on a lot of teams. But if Rhodes were to go out, Waynes moves up to that top corner spot, and then everyone else moves up as well. While Mackensie Alexander has shown some improvement and Mike Hughes has all the talent in the world, they both still carry a lot of question marks.If the Vikings were to lose Smith, they have a lot of solid talent behind him, particularly with the addition of George Iloka. Iloka, Andrew Sendejo, and even Anthony Harris could start on a lot of different NFL teams, and if they had to step in for Smith for an extended period, there would be a slight drop-off, but I don’t think it would cause the sort of ripple effect that an injury to Rhodes might cause.I still think that Harrison Smith is the best player on the Minnesota defense, but the team could probably absorb his loss more easily than they could losing Rhodes for an extended period. Hopefully we won’t have to find out either way.Thanks to Scott Kacsmar for sitting down and taking the time to answer our questions about the 2018 Minnesota Vikings. And Youth Stefon Diggs Jersey , once again, be sure to grab yourself a copy of the Football Outsiders 2018 Almanac for your football reading pleasure.Rookie Mike Hughes begins his NFL career with a bang Cornerback Mike Hughes had himself one helluva debut, helping the Minnesota Vikings (1-0) to a 24-16 win over the San Francisco 49ers (0-1)The 5-11 191 pound rookie out of the University of Central Florida made several plays during the game that showed the type of talent that Head Coach Mike Zimmer saw back in April, when he made Hughes the 30th pick.Play Number OneQ1 9:374th & 14, ball on the 49ers’ 38As the Vikings first drive of the game stalled out, the punt team was brought in.Matt Wile booted a nice punt inside the five yard line, and Mike Hughes - in the words of Fox Color Analyst Charles Davis - “became the punt returner, even though he was punt coverage.”Hughes shook off the decoy of the 49ers’ rookie return man Dante Pettis, found the ball, and made a beautiful recovery and catch, to down the ball at the four yard line.Play Number Two Q2 12:002nd & 11 (TV graphic originally shows 2nd & 6), ball on the Vikings 25On this play, Hughes is matched up one on one against Pierre Garcon in the slot.Garoppolo sees the cushion that the rookie is giving his veteran wideout, and immediately looks Garcon’s way.Hughes, though, lets Garcon come to him, establishes himself in a position to make a play on the ball, reaches in and bats the ball away just as Safety Andrew Sendejo puts a lick on Garcon.Garcon was well past the line that would have given the 49ers a first down.The result of the drive, after a Garoppolo incompletion, was a Niners field goal. Play Number ThreeQ3 10:483rd & 8, ball on the 49ers’ 20This was the biggest play of the day from Mike Hughes.Still down by a score of 10-3, San Francisco lines up in a three wide shotgun set, one play after Tight End George Kittle let a wide open pass drop through his fingertips.Jayron Kearse is covering Dante Pettis in the slot, Xavier Rhodes is covering Trent Taylor wide left, and Mike Hughes is giving a five yard cushion to wide receiver Kendrick Bourne.Kearse blitzes, leaving Pettis uncovered momentarily.Garoppolo stared down Bourne , who slipped on the play.Hughes never took his eyes off of Garoppolo, and snatched the ball out of the air with his momentum already heading back towards the end zone.He then scampered 28 yards untouched for the score.Play Number FourQ3 9:243rd & 6, ball on the Vikings 15Vikings are lined up in what appears to be a single high zone scheme.Hughes is lined up wide left, and when 49ers Running Back Matt Breida motions all the way out left, Hughes follows.All-Pro safety Harrison Smith is lined up over Pierre Garcon, slot left.Linebacker Eric Kendricks is over the tight end, and as the ball is snapped, he and Smith switch assignments. Within the first few steps, it’s clear that Garcon has Kendricks beat, and Garoppolo sends the ball towards his veteran receiver.Hughes realizes that his only chance to make a play is to try and take out Garcon, and he knocks into the big receiver, forcing Garcon to drop the ball.It appeared as though Hughes maybe wasn’t quite prepared for the force at which Garcon would hit him, and he came down flat on his back.But he picked himself up and got back into the action.Again, this play forced the 49ers to settle for a field goal.The CaveatQ4 12:243rd & 3, ball on the San Francisco 21If all this praise is going to be lavished on the rookie, then it’s only fair to point out a gaffe.The only negative play that can be directly chalked up to Mike Hughes against the 49ers was the 39 yard catch and run from Garoppolo to Dante Pettis.Pettis put a nice move on Hughes, who was forced to chase down Pettis from behind.To Hughes’ credit, he did, and again, the Niners were held to just a field goal on the drive.All in all, Mike Hughes put together a great game on Sunday.It’s a small sample size, but if his play was any indication of the future, the Vikings found a gem deep in the first round.Couldn’t agree more, young man.Couldn’t agree more.
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