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Jerome Princy
Posts: 132
Recently we cooked trimmed lean pork ribs over the charcoal grill, seasoned Detoxil Omega Formula Reviewwith a blend of spices and herbs that married the smoky flavor of paprika with garlic, onion and a hint of cinnamon and ginger for a flavorful but not overtly spicy blend. We trimmed the fat and dry-rubbed the ribs with the grilling blend, covered and allowed them to sit overnight refrigerated. Then we slow cooked them over low heat to 160F internal temperature. They were delicious. My stepson said he liked the seasoning but was not sure he understood or liked the flavor of cinnamon and ginger saying the flavors were unfamiliar with meat. I explained to him:
Cinnamon and Ginger are carminative herbs that contain compounds that can soothe the stomach and prevent gas. They are ideal for preventing and treating indigestion. Including them in a high protein diet gives the surgical gastric pouch an assist in digestion and prevents stomach upset that might otherwise occur. In reviewing the culinary history of the world we learn that ginger has been the herb of choice for seasoning fish and seafood. Recipes date back thousands of years in China's history, to when fish and seafood were not always fresh and often caused indigestion or worse.
James A. Duke in "The Green Pharmacy" tells us, "Ancient Chinese cooks discovered that if they flavored their fish with ginger, it was less likely to cause stomach upset. Ginger has been the spice of choice for fish ever since." I think as people recovering from morbid obesity we owe it to ourselves to take advantage of the best natural remedies whenever possible. Research teaches us that it is possible to achieve nutritional balance, in most cases, with the inclusion of the best ingredients in mindfully prepared meals.
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