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#1 am 03.12.2019 um 04:52 Uhr Diesen Beitrag zitieren
Jerome Princy
Posts: 132
Spot Reducing. - With this I mean doing specific exercises to The Underground Fat Loss Manual Review burn fat on a specific part of your body. You know all those people who do hundreds of crunches to lose their stomach fat. That just isn't going to work. Now when you know the myths about burning it's much easier to know what a good fat burning program should consist of. It needs to tell you the exact sort of foods you need to eat, and not only that, it also needs to tell you the WHY about it. Why do you need to eat that and why don't eat that.
Why should you eat less fat? Do you know how many fat people in Europe in the Mediterranean eat, well you should be surprised when you find out. With only eating the right way you won't have any results you need to get of your butt and start exercising. If you're diet program is only telling you what to eat you won't have results. You need to exercises too to increase your resting metabolic rate and fat burning hormones. But not all exercises are good, you can't just go and to some exercises they need to be of enough intensity to get you puffing and making you don't want to exercises anymore.
The adherents of gyms and apologists of dumbbells shall hate me for these words. But! It is possible to lose weight without an exercise load, and I can prove it. Do not get me wrong: exercises and sport are good for health; they help to keep the figure fit due to the muscles development and certainly promote losing weight. Nevertheless, weight loss is possible even for those who (like me) prefer lying on a couch and dreaming to running at dawn.
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