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Hauptforum Forum: Grafik & Video Thread: The game total beauty makes the slight imperfections
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#1 am 21.01.2021 um 11:04 Uhr Diesen Beitrag zitieren
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The NBA 2K MT Draft happened on Wednesday night, and quite honestly, considering the manner COVID-19 has impacted the development of NBA 2K21 along with the team, I didn't expect to see that the rookies added to the game until next month.However, 2K needed a nice surprise for fans on Thursday morning. The entire draft class was added to the appropriate teams, as well as the transactions that were made official with the league had been updated.

2K also smartly utilized the scans in the rookies it utilized in MyTeam to get NBA 2K20, and added a few more to add a little authenticity to the upgrade.

NBA 2K21 Surprisingly Releases Major Roster Update

Amongst the first raft of super shiny titles to become even more super and glistening, NBA 2K21 has been upgraded for the brand new creation of console. Visual Concept's seminal basketball collection has always pushed the bounds for video-game sportsvisually, dramatically and monetarily, and now they've got a large number of additional power at their fingertips to push forward to even greater heights. Honestly, these gamers will be ten-feet high and glistening like a diamond by the time they are finished.It's nice to see that Visual Concepts have put some effort in to NBA 2K21's update too, moving beyond a simple buff to the images and frame rate, and earning new features like the massive online heart of The City, and Buy MT 2K21 gameplay enhancements to make this feel as a worthy addition to the launch line-up for your Xbox collection X|S along with the PlayStation 5.
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#2 am 02.02.2022 um 13:52 Uhr Diesen Beitrag zitieren
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